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Underwater Beauty

Photography is a major hobby of Alexander Safonov. The last few years he tirelessly traveled through remote corners of the world, photographing members of the underwater world. Author’s artworks have received several prestigious awards and have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic .


This is Just a Seed

The Coco de Mer belongs to the Coryphoidae subfamily and tribe Borasseae. Borasseae is represented by four genera in Madagascar and one in Seychelles out of the seven worldwide. They are distributed on the coastlands surrounding the Indian ocean and the existing islands within. Borassus, the genus closest to Lodoicea, has about five species in the “old world,” one species in Africa, one in India, South-East Asia and Malaysia, one in New Guinea and two species in Madagascar.

Today I’m gonna show you an illusion, I only recently managed to “decode”. Titled Romeo and Juliet, this marvelous painting (created by Octavio Ocampo) managed to fool me for quite some time. What at first appears as profile of both Romeo and Juliet about to kiss, also depicts this famous couple in their early years.

Did you know that Octavio Ocampo is one of Mexico’s most prolific artists? I’m not sure we ever talked about him in details, yet I feel it’s important to know he is very well known for his evocative paintings in which detailed images are intricately woven together to create larger images. This is what Octavio Ocampo terms as metamorphic style. By now you should already be able to recognize illusions we featured, which were done by Ocampo. I’ve added the cropped thumbnail just so that you don’t miss the “hidden” details in this one. The rare full-size original may be seen below.

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